Case Study: Bandhan Mutual Funds X Crux Intelligence

Case Study: Bandhan Mutual Funds X Crux Intelligence

Crux Intelligence is designed to drive analytic adoption for Bandhan Mutual Funds.

The Problem

One of India’s largest Asset Management Companies needed a more efficient way for their Relationship Managers (sales team) to access their sales achievement KPIs as they were out in the field. They also needed a way to evaluate customer buying history to predict the best products for each sales rep to pitch to individual customers.​

The Solution

  • Crux Intelligence brought in data from sales interactions, external data sources and clients’ custom prioritization models to provide real-time intelligence on their customers. ​
  • Now the Relationship Manager could type the distributor code and get a 360-degree view of distributor performance.​
  • RMs were able to track their performance & receive notifications on their cell phone every time there was an anomaly/deviation in the data. ​
  • RMs could query and create quick dashboards without relying on Analytics/ Business Intelligence teams.​

The Impact

“Crux Intelligence Is A Powerful Next Generation BI Tool Powered By Experiential Analytics”

Head, Business Analytics & Process Engineering, Finance

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Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.