5 Common Misconceptions about Business Intelligence


Why is business intelligence important? Business intelligence (BI) is a key focus for the leaders of many organizations. Smart BI solutions help businesses understand the data they have while also ensuring they get the right answers to their business questions. For modern businesses, BI should play a key role in becoming a data-driven organization. As […]

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3 Ways Crux Intelligence Meets Your Supply Chain BI Needs


Modern supply chains are awash with data. You might have several different stages of a supply chain all collecting data from a multitude of sources.  Most businesses understand the value of business intelligence (BI) tools for analyzing the data and turning it into usable information. With that said, simple tools that just tell you what […]

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Why Small Businesses Need BI


With the advent of the digital age, small businesses are taking root exponentially. However, many of these firms don’t have resources like larger corporate entities. They can’t hire armies of consultants to build strategies and analysts to review data sources. However, they do still need an analytical understanding of their customers, market and industry. To […]

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Configuring Your Data to Work for You

Configuring Data With Crux Intelligence

You probably already know how data can empower organizations and help people make better decisions. That is a big part of what using a BI tool is all about. With Crux Intelligence, we use AI in business analytics to deliver a solution that is more accessible and more useful to non-technical business users. The platform […]

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How to Get the Most from Your Business Intelligence Platform


Implementing the use of a business intelligence platform can do a lot for your business. It can help you dig deeper into your data to identify new revenue streams, reduce waste, increase productivity, and get ahead of industry trends.  With the best business intelligence platforms, you can apply artificial intelligence to the data to enhance […]

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Sophisticated CPG Analytics


In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), making the switch to becoming a data-driven enterprise is critical to keeping pace with the competition and advancing your business.  Consumer Processed Goods (CPG) analytics empowers you to take immediate action based on the compilation and continuous analysis of data sets available to you. CPG analytics can even […]

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