An intelligent, real-time Query Autocompletion Framework using GPT-2

We are thrilled to announce that the research paper (IntelliQSense: An intelligent, real-time Query Autocompletion Framework using GPT-2), authored by Crux Intelligence Data Scientists Taaniya Arora, Shashank Srivastava & Neha Prabhugaonkar, has been published in Lattice, the international peer-reviewed machine learning journal, hosted and managed by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci). The paper was also recently […]

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The Analytics Imperative

chart showing upward growth

The rumors of an impending US recession (and globally) are getting louder. According to a Wall Street Journal survey of economists, the average possibility of the US economy undergoing a recession sometime in the next 12 months has increased from 13% a year ago to 18% in January and 28% now. Surveys from Bloomberg also […]

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Artificial Named Entity Classifier based on BiLSTM for an AI-Based Business Analyst

Excited to share that the NLP-AI research paper, authored by Taaniya Arora, Neha Prabhugaonkar, Ganesh Subramanian, Kathy Leake was accepted for the 10th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (NLP 2021) to be held in December 23 ~ 24, 2021, Sydney, Australia. The paper is included in the proceedings published by Computer Science Conference Proceedings in Computer Science & Information […]

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