Kathy Leake Named Top 10 Independent Woman Leader by Industry Era

Kathy Leake Named Top 10 Independent Woman Leader by Industry Era

April, 2022

Background & Accomplishments

As a serial entrepreneur, Kathy has always pushed the boundaries of establishing companies that are next generation technology. All her companies sit at the nexus of how data can drive business decisions.  Given how much data has completely transformed the business world, Kathy’s companies are all on the cutting edge of innovation.

Crux Intelligence CEO Kathy Leake
  • 4x technology Founder, CEO and Board member
  • Built 4 technology companies from ideation, scaling up to a combined revenue of $50MM
  • Cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, probabilistic modeling and algorithms for big data were core IP for all 4 companies
  • All 4 companies pushed the boundaries of what is possible with data and artificial intelligence

Today as CEO, Crux Intelligence

Currently, Kathy is CEO of Crux Intelligence, a company pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence by putting AI into the hands of every business user. This is a bold, daring, and transformative vision to execute against.

Developed as a mobile-first platform to provide curated, on-demand insights available anytime, anywhere, Crux Intelligence helps to answer the “why” behind many of the most pressing business questions. Automated and always on, Crux Intelligence delivers agile insights without requiring inputs or queries from the end user. Crux Intelligence leverages natural language processing and natural language generation through sophisticated voice search tools to offer a seamless, high-performance user experience.

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Alternative Text Crux Intelligence
Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.