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Navigating a Negative Business Encounter?

Navigating a Negative Business Encounter?

Fast Company Executive Board members reflect on how their companies have been able to rise up and revamp a sticky business situation into something good.

Allowing every challenge to serve its purpose will strengthen your company’s reputation in the long term.

CEO Kathy Leake

“With my second startup business, by far the hardest situation was when our business was getting crushed by a massive shift in the landscape, running out of cash, having to lay people off, and pulling off a merger in time to save the company from going under. The silver lining was that we were able to shift business models from transactional revenue to SaaS, and ultimately delivered two years later on a successful exit.”

Kathy Leake, CEO Crux Intelligence

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Alternative Text Kathy Leake
CEO of Crux Intelligence and four-time founder/board member. Putting AI in the hands of every business user.